Bartlomiej Waszak

Senior Software Engineer for Respawn Entertainment / EA

Bartlomiej is a senior software engineer at Respawn Entertainment where he works on the new Star Wars game. Previously he was a gameplay and physics programmer at Ubisoft Quebec City studio, where he worked on the award-winning games Assassin’s Creed Origins, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Rainbow Six Siege. In the past, he was a lead programmer for such games like a first-person shooter Alien Rage and a mobile title I Must Run! – one of the winners at Nokia Calling All Innovators. He has also created world editor, physics and animation systems for indie engine called Argon. Overall he has 15 years of professional experience and 15 games published on his track so far. Bartlomiej was a speaker at East Coast Game Conference 2017, Montreal International Game Summit 2016 and 2017, Digital Dragons 2016 and presented his work at i3D Symposium 2015.
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Summit Description:

Math for Game Programmers

This master class will explain the details of the most frequently used math objects in video game programming. Topics will cover basic and advanced part of math. There will be a number of code examples presented using Unity and Unreal Engine. We will discuss common problems and solutions. Participants will have a chance to solve practical exercises in Unity Engine during the class.

Important Note:
To participate in exercises you need to bring your own laptop with Unity installed on it (minimum version 5.0).

A summary of the contents:
Part 1. “Floating-point numbers”. A general overview of the IEEE-754 standard. Good practices.
Part 2. “Vectors”. Distance, normalization. Scalar product. Vector projection. Cross product.
Part 3. “Interpolation”. Linear and spherical interpolation. Bezier curves.
Part 4. “Matrices”. A set of operations. Matrix as a transformation. Rotation matrix. Local and global space.
Part 5. “Quaternions”. A set of operations. Comparison with matrices. Rotation quaternions. 4D dot product.
Part 6. “Forward and inverse kinematics”. Skeletal animation. An example of inverse kinematics solution.

Learning Objectives:
– In-depth knowledge of math used in game programming.
– Better understanding through detailed analysis of several problems and solutions.
– Math presented with practical examples in popular game engines.
– Coding exercises with an assistance of the top industry expert.