Congratulations to the 2022 Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Maggie Shelton and Joseph Montano for winning both the People's Choice and juried 2D categories. They will receive a VIP and conference pass to ECGC 2023. The 3d and photogrammetry winners in the student and professional categories will also receive conference passes.

Thank you to all those who submitted their artwork to the 2022 ECGC Game Art Contest. We received lots of amazing entries from attendees and appreciate all your hard work. Many people don’t realize the time and effort that go into creating a work of art. We recognize that effort and commitment, and appreciate you sharing your art with the conference.

Also, specific thanks to:

  • Brad Swearingen for chairing the annual competition
  • Shadie El-Haddad from Limited Run Games for judging this year’s entries
  • All the attendees who voted in the People’s Choice Award!

We're pleased to announce there will be a 2023 ECGC Game Art Contest. Look for the rules and application starting in January 2023. Until then, have a great summer!

People's Choice Award

Maggie Shelton, Student

Bowl of Ramen

This tasty bowl of ramen was modeled in Maya, hand painted in Substance Painter, and rendered in Arnold.

Joseph Montano, Professional

Eli the Outlaw

This a character sheet for Eli the Outlaw, a potential anti-hero protagonist born into the underground world of the Pachyderm Crime Family.

Student Winners

Maggie Shelton was the judges' 2D Game Art winner as well as People's Choice.

Achebe Spencer, 3D

Counting Sweets 1955

Counting Sweets is a robot made out of candy and worn-out metal. He currently owns his own candy shop that moves from town to town. Many individuals who buy candy from his shop notice that he is the only thing working there.

Hunter Bixby, Photogrammetry

Wooden Turtle

This is a photogrammetry scan of a wooden turtle, rendered into a 3D model using the reality capture software and retopologized in Maya to decrease poly count and have the model in game-ready format.

Professional Winners

Joseph Montano was the judges' 2D Game Art winner as well as People's Choice.

Justin Johnson, 3D

Barrio Del Sapo

This is a small whimsical diorama created mostly in Blender, with some texturing in Substance Painter and Photoshop. I attempted to make it fairly efficient with mostly diffuse textures and the polygon count on the lower side. The idea was create something that had slight cyberpunk elements, but inspired images of South American cities.

Meghan Tankersly, Photogrammetry

Forest Dragon

Retopologized scan of a forest dragon figurine. This is my first photogrammetry retopology attempt so I would love all types of feedback. Particularly in making a clean mesh and sharper texture. Parts of the texture were hand-painted to fix some baking issues.


2D, 3D, and Photogrammetry.