2D Game Art

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3D Game Art

Laser Helmet (Student 1) - This fantasy helmet has mounted lasers to simulate a mechanical version of laser vision. It was modeled in Maya2019, textured in Substance Painter, and has texture edits done in Photoshop.
plunder! (Student 2) - This is the asset I made in two weeks for 3d modeling and animation that I made in 3ds max. This is my first time putting uvs on models. I wanted a charred, and burned chest for my project because fire is neat (more so, i like “weathering”). I spent some time painting materials like the charred part. And I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Student 2
plunder! (Student 3) - This is the better of my two assets. I had a better concept and materials available for this one. I also did some painting for the icons and mud on the chest. I also spent some time making a wood texture from a normal map. I had some issues with splitting the edges apart with displacement. There were also issues with mismatching textures on the handles too.
Wooden ammunition box (Student 4) - This wooden box is a low poly asset with the intention for a game. The inspiration was a world war two ammunitions box.
Sunken Treasure Chest (Student 5) - An old pirate styled chest, possibly used to hold gold and gems. Only to be lost into the depths of the ocean, found years later in this condition, still locked. The old wood is beaten and waterlogged, curved from the forging of the ocean. The metal for the most part is rusted except for one part that is only darkened.
Bloody and Old Medicpack (Student 6) - Designed based on the TF2 large health kit but made to look like something you would find in a Call of Duty game. Scratches and blemishes places around the box to give a sense of it being old and used in combat, along side the bloodstains and splatters. Dirt also cakes the top of the box to enhance that feeling.
Horrific Vampire (Student 7) - Horrific vampire creature. He’s made a mess of himself but it’s probably strawberry jam, no need to worry about it. I sculpted this character in Zbrush, and retopologized him in Maya. From Maya I textured him in Substance Painter and even did a high poly to low poly bake. He’s a mix of a couple creatures with the nose and ears of a bat, legs of a goat, and pig hands.
The Old Boot on the Crooked Hill (Student 8) - 3D diorama inspired by Tim Burton and Lemony Snicket. I decided to take these inspirations and create a sort of gothic style diorama. The buckles on the shoe are windows, which was my favorite part!
Sir Foxen (Student 9) - A noble protector of the forest! Sir Foxen is a game ready character created in zBrush, Maya, and textured in Substance Painter. Idle animation and auto-rig from Adobe Mixamo (Old Man Idle)
WeaponDesign (Student 10) - This is my model of a weapon I designed in my 3D modeling II class at Wake Tech with Ms. Grady. For this assignment, there had to be one main firing action and a secondary firing action. So for the look, I went with a rifle style with two sets of Gatlin gun barrels for the main firing action and the secondary action is the grenade launcher attachment on the bottom of the barrels. I drew lots of inspiration from Borderlands 3 with this model. We were given a four to six thousand polygon limit for this project and this model just comes right under the six thousand limit with no nGons. All in all, I had lots of fun modeling and texturing this weapon. Learned lots of useful skills during the 4-week process that I will apply to more models I create. Take a look at my creation and enjoy.
Girls on the Train (Student 11) - Two girls silently ride within a train. One seated and another standing. Where are they going? Who are these girls? An onlooker could create any number of stories for them. But only you know why you ride the train and who you are.
Counting Sweets 1955 (Student 12) - Counting Sweets is a robot made out of candy and worn-out metal. He currently owns his own candy shop that moves from town to town. Many individuals who buy candy from his shop notice that he is the only thing working there, even though he always has a huge stock of sweets available. And oddly, after 3 days his shop suddenly disappears, not leaving a trace behind.
The Inexperienced Hip Hop Dancer (Student 13) - Speakeasy is a stylized robot that I have created to showcase the initial colors of the 90s hip-hop era. He stands out by his claws for hands and his horrible dance move called 'Raising the Sky'. His design showcases that even though he is wearing colors of the 90s; it is not his element.
Battle Car (Student 14) - This is my model of a Vehicle I designed in my 3D modeling class with Ms. Grady. For this model I drew lots of inspiration from Mad Max, which you will see throughout the model. The vehicle is a Ford Falcon strapped with a turret and a rocket for extra boost. The front of vehicle has spikes for any thing that get ...
Popstar (Student 15) - This character is a personification of the music genre Pop. Her style is heavily influenced by Decora Kei.
Battle About To Start (Professional 1) - Hive and Casper are about to go up against a Scimitar Beetle! Characters from a game I am working on called STING Operation. These are a few of many characters that are going to battle in turn based/platformer style combat.
Barrio Del Sapo (Professional 2) - This is a small whimsical diorama created mostly in Blender, with some texturing in Substance Painter and Photoshop. I attempted to make it fairly efficient with mostly diffuse textures and the polygon count on the lower side. The idea was create something that had slight cyberpunk elements, but inspired images of South American cities.


Work Boot (Student 1) - One of my work boots. Photos were taken on a Canon EOS Rebel T7i and rendered in RealityCapture. Game Ready Low poly was modeled in Maya. I captured the vertex colors in RC, so the sole's texture set was rendered in Adobe Photoshop.
Frady Headless Angel (Student 2) - During the making of this 3D model, I took 109 photos of the sculpture while using some nonreflective spray to get the best shaped model. Then used reality capture to bring the model to the 3D computer realm.
Wooden Turtle (Student 3) - This is a photogrammetry scan of a wooden turtle, rendered into a 3D model using the reality capture software and retopologized in Maya to decrease poly count and have the model in game-ready format.
Gnome Still Life (Student 4) - The carpet pumpkins are looking good this season. Everything in this scene is created with photogrammetry! RealityCapture was used to convert the photos into polygons - retopology was handled in zBrush and Maya. Textures created in Substance Painter.
Megalodon Tooth (Student 5) - A photogrammetry scan of a replica Megalodon Tooth from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. It has been converted to a low-poly model, given a custom PBR material, and made game-ready.
Forest Dragon (Professional 1) - Retopologized scan of a forest dragon figurine. This is my first photogrammetry retopology attempt so I would love all types of feedback. Particularly in making a clean mesh and sharper texture. Parts of the texture were hand painted to fix some baking issues. Please let me know if anything stands out so I can improve my work. I had a lot of fun with this project, and I hope you enjoy the dragon.