Speakers & Mentors

Paxton Galvanek - 2022 ECGC speaker

Paxton Galvanek

Paxton Galvanek is the Studio HR/Operations Director at Funcom (makers of Conan Exiles, Conan Chop Chop, Anarchy Online, Secret World, and currently DUNE games). Paxton oversees Funcom’s Operations …

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Ryan Grady - 2022 ECGC speaker

Ryan Grady

Ryan E. Grady is an Illustrator and Concept Artist based in Raleigh, NC. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art at Appalachian State University and her Master of Art + Design from NC State University. She is currently …

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Max Litvinov - 2022 ECGC speaker

Max Litvinov

Max Litvinov is a gameplay engineer. He has previously worked on a wide range of gameplay systems and mechanics for the following games: Cookie Jam Blast, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, Assassin’s Creed VR, and Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland.

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Dorothy Phoenix - 2021 ECGC speaker

Dorothy Phoenix

Dorothy is a game developer and the owner of Cloudy Heaven Games, a small game development startup. Prior to starting Cloudy Heaven Games, Dorothy worked professionally as a software engineer …

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Charlie Breakiron - 2021 ECGC speaker

Charlie Breakiron

BREAKIRON has its roots in Charlie Breakiron’s extensive experience as a freelancer and an instructor serving the industry in Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis, Phoenix, and Koblenz, Germany.

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Brandon Crews - 2021 ECGC speaker

Brandon Crews

Brandon is from Tarboro, NC and lives in Garner, NC. He is an assistant professor of Simulation and Game Design at William Peace University and a technical animator who focuses on 3D character rigging, animation …

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David Schultz - 2022 ECGC speaker

David Schultz

I first learned digital art in 2004 as an Intern at a small studio in Asheville, NC. I worked for a few years as a freelance artist and in various non art-related jobs, before becoming an Environment Artist …

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