2D Game Art

3D Game Art

Mushroom House Diorama - I created the mushroom house as an asset to be used for my project in my game development studio, but I wanted to create a base for a full diorama. I wanted to experiment more with stylized shapes and silhouettes. Student 1
Coven Lectern - A lectern crafted for use by a satanic coven of witches. Student 2
Crank, the Steampunk Prospector: Animation Reel - On display are all of Crank's current animations in my game Scrap Quarry, including his walk and pickaxe swings. Crank's design is heavily influenced by the steampunk genre as shown by the steam whistle, furnace overalls, and varied use of gears. Student 3
Cult Modified Rifle - One of the many assets I made for my Interactive Media project (but by far my favorite one). To sum it up, it is a simple FPS survival game with you against endless unholy machinations. Software used: Maya, Substance Painter, and Clip Studio Paint. Student 4
Venetian Cyberpunk Alley Environment - A futuristic alley way with an Old World, Venetian twist of a canal, gondola, and brick accents. Student 5
Alternative Universe Spitfire - For this vehicle I decided to make a futuristic plane. The way I designed this plane is that the engine is in the front and the tubes on the wings are the intakes/jets. I used WW2 Spitfires and Willys Jeeps as references for the body and front end. Student 6
Staying Safe - Some Hospital Masks and boxes. Just in case we need extras. Professional 1
Makarov Handgun - A recreation of the service handgun of choice of the Russian and Chinese armed forces for the last 60 years. It was modeled in Maya and textured in Substance Painter. A quick animation was added to show off the various parts of the model. Professional 2


Still Life: Found objects - This piece is natural found objects gathered into one still life. The high poly model version of this piece was captured with Reality Capture software that was then modeled to a low poly version of it. Student 1
An Old Future - A photogrammetry scan of a 1992 Sony Watchman. Recreated in Low-Poly, PBR Material, Game-Ready format. Student 2
Saul Statue from the NC Museum of Art - Capturing pieces of art and digitizing them is one of the great uses of this technique. Now this statue can live on digitally into perpetuity, but it could be viewed by anyone in the world who might never have a chance to visit the museum. They can visit it in virtual reality instead! Professional 1