Zak Parrish

Senior Dev Rel Tech Artist for Epic Games

Zak Parrish has spent more than a decade designing 3D and game development software training materials, including the Unreal Development Kit training series and the “Mastering Unreal Technology” reference volumes, the first of which earned a Best Book Front Line Award. As an Epic Dev Rel Tech Artist​, Zak leads the charge in building the foundation for tutorials and documentation covering Unreal Engine 4 technology.

Talk Description:

Building RoboRecall Mods with Blueprints

“There’s been a robot uprising and it’s your job to stop it! What weapon will you choose? Why not make your own?

This demo covers the process of creating your own custom weapon mods for Epic’s latest VR game, Robo Recall. Viewers will see how to easily create custom mods for the game, how to bring in their own content, and how to quickly define bespoke behavior using Unreal’s powerful visual scripting system, Blueprint. For this demonstration, we’ll borrow Twinblast’s iconic handgun from Epic’s MOBA Paragon, and set it up to blast some robots to pieces!”

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