Zachariah Inks

Game and Simulation Development Instructor at Blue Ridge Community College / Computer Science Lab Instructor at Clemson University / Unity Developer for CCIT Vizualization Group at Clemson Univeristy

Zachariah Inks holds undergraduate degrees in Computer Animation, and Game Programming and Development. He also obtained a MFA in Digital Production Arts from Clemson University and is currently pursuing a PhD in Human Centered Computing with a focus on Virtual Humans in Virtual Reality at the same university. Zachariah has worked as a developer for games and training simulations, as well as an instructor for both computer animation and programming.

Talk Description:

Photogrammetry for use in the Production of Virtual Humans

Photogrammetry allows for the capture and reproduction of humans within a virtual space. In this talk, we will discuss the hardware, software, and techniques for capture, cleanup, and implementation of virtual humans using photogrammetry, Maya, and Unity. This talk will highlight the challenges for capture and reconstruction of a human head using photogrammetry. We will discuss considerations and techniques for creating character facial rigging setups for realistic animation that leverage the power of this pipeline. Finally, we will show the implementation of these techniques within the Unity game engine.

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