Wes Bunn

Sr. Technical Writer for Epic Games

An industry veteran of 17 years, Wes began his career as a QA Tester and over the years to come, moved into roles as a QA Lead and Associate Producer. In 2005, Wes became an Associate Game Designer on the PSP title, Field Commander for Sony Online Entertainment. With a successfully shipped title under his belt, Wes moved on to THQ as an Associate Game Designer on a title which would become UFC Undisputed 2009. Wes spent the next 7 years at THQ where he successfully shipped three UFC titles in a Game Design and Sr. Game Designer role with UFC Undisputed 3 as acting Lead Game Designer.

With the collapse of THQ, Wes then took a position with Trion Worlds San Diego where he was a Content Designer on Syfy’s Defiance MMO video game. After shipping Defiance and the closure of Trion Worlds San Deigo, Wes moved his family out to North Carolina and took some time away from the industry before returning at Epic as an Engine Support Technician. Having never worked explicitly with Unreal Engine before his time at Epic, Wes quickly gravitated towards the toolset and Blueprints Visual Scripting and began writing tutorials and documentation which parlayed into a position with the Learning Resources Team. He now specializes in Blueprints, UMG, Animation, and Sequencer and gives talks around the world, creates video tutorials and documentation and thrives on passing on his industry knowledge to others.

Talk Description:

Animation Blending Concepts

In this session, we’ll take a look at some of the Blend Nodes available within Unreal Engine’s animation toolset, set up a playable character who can blend between animations, and use the new Pose Snapshot feature to blend a character from a Ragdoll state into a “get up” animation. If you are looking for more information on working with and animating characters inside Unreal Engine 4, this talk is for you.

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