Travis Thompkins

Jr. Designer for Epic Games

I’ve has been working as a Jr. Designer for the Fortnite team for about 6 months, after 2 years as a QA tester (Tested On Battle Breakers, Fortnite, and Spyjinx during that time) . Prior to this, I worked in IT and customer service, doing game development on nights and weekends.

Hailing from the tiny city of Raeford, North Carolina, I set out at 21 to start studying game Design.
Coming from a place where most people never get out set me up with a ‘cannot quit’ mindset, and I want to share some of the mentality that has helped me get my career moving with you!

Talk Description:

Mindset, Direction, and Purpose: Practical rules for early career development.

This talk will encompass some topics that are important for anyone trying to work their way up in the games industry, and in many senses could be applied to everyday life.

Maintaining a healthy outlook and reasonable expectations while chasing your big crazy ambitions

Spending Time Well –
Nights, weekends, and leisure. Setting the right priorities is everything.

Moving within a company –
Understanding your role in a company, and how you can expand that role.
To move forward and upwards, you have to take personal responsibility for your career. Set goals that put you in line with the job you want!

Coping with Imposter Syndrome –
Game development is rough. You’re going to be kicking yourself when you make mistakes, and trust me you will make them.

Sometimes, other people will point out your shortcomings for you. That’s fine. Seriously.
Calm down, think about your goals, and not your past stumbles.

Other topics:
Building the right network
Common mental pitfalls
Self motivation

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