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Business Development | GameScribes

As the Lead Business Development Associate for Games Scribes (a AAA localization & testing company), Tobe Sexton has the privilege of witnessing some of the next evolutionary advances in entertainment technology first hand. During his tenure he has help solve hundreds of localization challenges. By utilizing his unique experience, he helps companies find solutions so they may extend their global reach. His client list crosses all platforms and includes: 505 Games, Atari, Capcom, FaceWare, GameTrust, Gravity, Insomniac, inXile, MobilityWare, NIS America, Nickelodeon, Pokémon International, SGN, Survios, Stardock, and Zynga – to name a few.

Tobe has been working with and promoting cutting edge, digital technology for the past 25 years. After graduating from Cal-Arts, he moved from notable actor to full time producer, post production supervisor and consultant of television, music videos, motion pictures and numerous branding companies. He has won multiple awards and worked with various indie studios as well as New Line, Sony, Columbia Tri-Star, Warner Brothers, Mandalay Pictures and Showtime Network. Appearances include: Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Freddy’s Dead: the Final Nightmare (as Teenage Freddy) and Sick Bricks (multiple voices).

Tobe has spoken on panels and as an individual at many festivals and conferences across the country including: Comic-Con International: San Diego, Los Angeles Comic Book & Sci-Fi Convention, SIEGE, Carolina Game Summit and ECGC 2016. Tobe is delighted being a part of ECGC once again. For additional info check out the GameScribes website or FB page and hit him up:

Talk Description:

Localization: Getting your game ready for the world

Learn what it takes to get yourself and your game ready for international markets. Localization is more than just “Translating” word on a page. Here you will learn the nuts-and –bolts of what’s really involved and how to make the right decisions for you, your fans and your pocket book.

Will review the History of localization and why it’s important to gaming culture. Then go over the services and all that is involved to achieve AAA Localization no matter your platform or budget. This is for those that want to learn more about translation, localization and how to improve workflow communication to save time and money.

– History of localizing game text.
– Prepping Text, as well as your Producers, Dev Teams and/or Publisher.
– Different Types of Translation Services: There is more than one way to translate a word.
– Voice Over: Translating, Casting and Recording.
– Different Types of QA: From functionality and Linguistic to Final Polish
– Compatibility Testing: How many devices is enough
– Compliance Testing: Something to be aware of.
– What to expect after the release date.
– Remain culturally relevant as you extend & maintain your global reach.

Panel Description:

So you got a publisher, now what? (Negotiate!)

Panelist Include:
Randy Greenback
Tobe Sexton
Brandon Huffman
Trevor Schmidt

It happened! A publisher recognized your amazing talent and agreed on the conference floor to publish your game. Now, they’ve sent over a stack of documents. You want the money they offer, but you’re unclear on the terms they are demanding. This presentation will show you what it’s like to go from offer to signed deal, as a publisher and developer pursue their differing agendas, with their attorneys helping out along the way. It will explore key terms and things to look out for including licensing, money, rights and responsibilities and provide some insight into the reasons behind some of each sides’ demands.

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