Tobe Sexton

Lead Business Development for GameScribes

As the Business Development Associate for Games Scribes (a localization & testing company), Tobe Sexton has the privilege of witnessing the next evolutionary advances in entertainment technology. During his tenure he has solved hundreds of localization challenges. By utilizing his unique experience, he helps companies find solutions so they may extend their global reach. This year GameScribes was honored in London with Video Game Award nomination for Best Localization and QA Provider. His client list crosses all platforms and includes: 505 Games, Atari, Capcom, FaceWare, GameTrust, Gravity, Insomniac, inXile, Mattel, NIS America, Nickelodeon, Pokémon International, Reloaded, SGN, Spike ChunSoft, Stardock, Tencent & Zynga – to name a few.

Previously Tobe has won awards and worked as both an actor and producer, contributing to many projects on and off screen. Here are few you might have heard of: Red Shoe Diaries for showtime networks, In Gods Hands for Sony, Robin Hood: Men in Tights for WB, Freddy’s Dead the Final Nightmare for New Line as well as many others.

Tobe is very happy to be part of the team, leading GameScribes Expansion to the East Coast and looking forward to contributing to the regions further growth.

Talk Description:

To Make Money in a Global Market: Be the Localization Master

You need localization; so you might as well know what you’re doing. Have fun while learning or reviewing what it takes to get yourself and your game ready for international markets. Localization is more than just “Translating” word on a page. Here you will learn the nuts-and –bolts of what’s really involved and how to make the right decisions for you, your fans and your pocket book.

Will review the History of localization and why it’s important to gaming culture. Then go over the services and all that is involved to achieve AAA Localization no matter your platform or budget. This is for those that want to learn more about translation, localization and how to improve workflow communication to save time and make money.

• History of localizing game text: Why it’s a necessity.
• Preparing files, as well as your Producers, Dev Teams and/or Publisher.
• Different Types of Translation Services: There is more than one way to translate a word.
• Voice Over: Translating, Casting and Recording.
• Different Types of QA: From functionality and Linguistic to Final Polish
• Compatibility Testing: How many devices is enough
• Compliance Testing: Something to be aware of.
• What to expect before and after the release date.

Insight into mitigating expectations while structuring better collaborations with your inside Localization & Testing departments and/or third party loc partners.

Intended Audience
AAA Publishers, Producers and Indies… Anyone that deals with localization, translation, testing or culturalization for development, marketing or publishing.

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