Stephen Chapman

Game Security Consultant for DSASMBLR

9:00-5:00 front-end web developer, 24/7 reverse engineer. Stephen Chapman teaches fundamentals of reverse engineering through the medium of game-hacking via his YouTube channel and blog. He’s one of the “good guys” of video game security, continually learning and aspiring to help developers.

Talk Description:

Game Hacking for Game Developers: How and Why People Hack Video Games

Peel back the layers of high-level abstraction and prepare yourself for a low-level adventure! This presentation lays bare the world of game hacking for game developers and the generally-curious.

You will learn how and why game hackers reverse-engineer games–from their motivations to the tools and techniques they use. This talk assumes no prior experience with reverse engineering or low-level computing concepts. What’s requisite to the talk will be discussed in a cursory manner that allows attendees to follow along throughout.

This presentation will leave you enriched and empowered with a greater understanding of the landscape of game hacking, as well as how to be more defensive, aware, and secure in your forward-engineering practices!

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