Stephane Imbert

Director of Development for Katsu Entertainment, LLC.

Stephane Imbert has worked on most platforms known to man and robots since the PlayStation 2, from consoles to mobile, launching more than 30 titles in the past 15 years. When he’s not programming or designing for Katsu Entertainment, he spends his time drawing comics, writing books, playing games or painting miniatures.

Talk One Description:

Sausage Bomber – The Recipe

How we got Sausage Bomber done and launched while working full time jobs! Learn how we went about designing a simple game that would make us and players around the world laugh. From napkin sized design to the Android, iOS and Amazon app stores, lessons learned and concrete examples from a real life project on how to be a wiener… uh winner!

Talk Two Description:

The unsung code

Rendering is AWESOME! Audio is AWESOME! Gameplay is AWESOME! So let’s talk about everything else instead. We’ll cover all the unsung code that players will never know is there but can make the difference between smooth sailing and development hell. How to tackle the glamour-less “must do” in a way that leaves room for all the fun fluff, or risk the wrath of the bitter hordes of “braindead code that should only have taken five minutes to write”!

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