Shaun Peoples

Co-Founder and the Chief Creative Officer of Durham Games, LLC

Shaun is a co-founder and the Chief Creative Officer of Durham Games, LLC. an independent games studio shipping its first title, Foodie Truck, this year.

He currently works for a large social games company based in San Francisco during the day and previously at Ndemic Creations, makers of Plague Inc., where he was served the Technical Enabler and a Lead Software Developer working on performance and platform development.

Prior to shifting his focus to mobile and smaller-scale games, he worked on console games as a graphics engineer, tools development on an MMO, and tools/middleware integration at a game engine company.

Shaun has served as an advisory board member for the School of Communication Arts’ Living Arts College, a member of Triangle Game Initiative, and is a graduate of The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University.

Talk Description:

Color Theory in Code for the Creative Programmer

Who: Anyone, specifically programmers who would like to better understand: the fundamentals of color theory, working effectively/artistically with color, and foundational grasp of color with a programmer’s methodology.

Why: Programmers with an understanding of what is visually pleasing and how to create it dynamically can be a substantial asset to any project – especially as more independent developers take on many different roles. Branching out of your comfort zone can make you a more versatile and valuable developer, bridging the gap between artist and programmer.

How: A brief tour through the psychological impact of colors, different color model representations such as HSV/B, HSL, assembling an understanding of terminology such as: primary, monochromatic, analogous, complementary, triadic, etc. and how to programmatically create pleasing visuals for dynamic variation. Lastly, the talk will cover tools and resources that may help the continued exploration of color and understanding of how to use it to greater affect.

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