Shaun Peoples

Co-Founder of Durham Games

Co-Founder of Durham Games (developing Foodie Trucks)
Developer on Plague Inc.
Sr. Programmer at very large social games company by day
Former graphics programmer at Ubisoft and EA
Guy known for wearing a red baseball cap

Talk Description:

Analytics and the Indie Developer: Why and How
Analytics is a segment of development that is easy to overlook, especially for the indie developer. This may be due to a lack of understanding regarding its benefits, simply not knowing where to get started, or not having had any previous experience. I hope to change that with this easy introduction to the value of analytics!

We’ll cover basic reasons to use some analytics tracking system and how its use may be able to increase player retention, extend the life of your game, and potentially increasing the revenue of your game.

I’ll discuss common metrics for data tracking and review some of the free or no cost options available to the indie developer and their integration specific to Unity.

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