Seth Hudson

Assistant Professor of Game Writing for George Mason University

Seth Hudson serves George Mason University as Assistant Professor of Game Writing in the Computer Game Design program, he teaches Story Design for Computer Games, Critical Studies, and the History of Computer Games. Hudson’s scholarship ranges from topics including: game writing instruction, pedagogy, curriculum development, international humanitarian law, and the role of play in higher education, presenting at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), East Coast Games Conference, American Society for International Law Annual Meeting, and the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Annual Conference. Hudson also serves as mentor for Mason’s undergraduate Games-Engaged Analysis and Research (GEAR) group.

Talk Description:

Pedagogy-Focused Research of Games with Undergraduate Researchers
(Speaking with Kevin Ryan)

This two-speaker talk (Seth Hudson and Kevin Ryan) will discuss pedagogy-focused research of the game industry and involving undergraduate researchers in the process. The talk will begin with a brief overview of a faculty-researcher’s qualitative study of game industry practice, highlighting research design and preliminary findings. Next, an undergraduate researcher shares his experience of the research process and potential implications for his own development and professional preparation. The talk goes on to outline possible research designs for qualitative research to improve pedagogy in game design and added benefits of involving game design students in that pursuit. The talk concludes with a proposed framework for game design professional development in higher education at the intersection of scholarship, research, and practice.

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