Sean Newman Maroni

Founder / CEO of Betabox

Sean Newman Maroni is the founder and CEO of Betabox, Inc. Sean is passionate and determined to eliminate the friction between creators and the tools they need to create. After working in industry as a design engineer in the energy sector and at NASA, Sean became focused on building a career that is focused on creating impact in education, energy, and manufacturing. Sean has become an important figure in the local startup community and has been featured in Popular Mechanics and CNN Money. Sean studied Mechanical Engineering at NC State and completed programming at the Stanford

Talk Description:

Why Makerspaces Build Self-Efficacy in Students and Employees Alike

My talk will describe how creating time for making, games, and experimentation can build self-efficacy. Self-efficacy is one’s inner belief in one’s own ability to perform well in a given situation. This is an especially critical trait in today’s business world. Through my work at Betabox, I’ve seen hundreds of students and employees alike learn, try, and fail in our mobile makerspaces. Through that observation I’ve uncovered the four ways that creative, open-ended maker environments (either physical or digital like Minecraft) are helping to build self-efficacy.
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