Sam Deiter

Sr. Technical Writer for Epic Games

Sam Deiter brings over ten years of highly specialized Technical Art experience to the Epic team. Over the course of the last ten years, Sam has worked on a number of different Unreal Engine powered games that span a range of different genres and platforms and has mainly specialized in Unreal Engine performance and optimization. From setting up art pipelines that are as efficient and streamlined as possible to knowing how to squeeze every last bit of performance Unreal Technology has to offer, Sam has made a career out of making Unreal Technology run as fast as possible. From working out character pipeline issues on Massively Multi-Player games to creating highly detail yet optimized Materials for First Person Shooters and even helping to ensure that open world Role Playing Games run at a solid 60 FPS, there is no UE4 project that Sam can’t help run faster!

Talk Description:

Building Better Pipelines for Unreal Engine 4

Over the course of this hour-long talk, Epic Games Sam Deiter will show you how to optimally set up your Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) content pipelines to help ensure your UE4 projects have the highest quality visuals with the best performance possible. From tips on building better 3D meshes to getting the most out of Unreal’s built-in debugging tools, Sam will show you through a variety of different tools to help identify and track down any performance issues you might have and how to fix those issues when found.

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