Ryan Grady

FTT Simulation and Game Development Instructor for Wake Technical Community College

Ryan E. Grady is a visual artist, animator, and illustrator based in Raleigh, NC. Ryan has created concept art, animation, 3D models, and illustrations for a variety of projects including the A.S.P.E.C.T project at NC State university. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art at Appalachian state University and her Master of Art + Design from NC State University. She currently teaches Basic Drawing at NCSU, Art for Games at Wake Tech, and painting classes at Wine & Design in Cary and Apex

Talk Description:

Analyzing Video Games Through the Lens of Art History

There is no question that Video Games are one of the most prevalent visual medium in our culture to date. As the industry expands, the gaming community expects and seeks out higher quality games that show a strong level of artistic vision, craftsmanship, and design. Entire game concepts are being crowdfunded based on a desire to see high quality games with artistic merit, such as the popular “Cuphead”. So how do we learn to create better games that meet the demands of the public? The system has already been in place for thousands of years in the guise of art history and criticism. This talk will compare and contrast a sample of games to art historic movements, so we can learn from the masters. The presentation breaks down the difference between art, design, and craft and how those attributes relate to different characteristics of video games. Rather than reinventing the wheel, come see games through the lens of art history, so you can create stronger memorable games.

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