Robin Koman

Chief Storyteller & Lead Designer at Story Tonic | Department Chair for Full Sail University

Robin Koman is a game designer, educator, and author who runs the Game Design Master of Science program at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL. Robin is also the co-founder, Chief Storyteller, and Lead Game Designer at Story Tonic, an indie game studio that focuses upon storytelling as a means to make the world a better place. As a freelance game designer, Robin Koman has worked with clients such as Phillips Electronics and NASA, focusing on games for education, testing, and advertising. As an educator, Robin has more than a decade of experience teaching undergraduate and graduate level coursework in a variety of subjects, including Game Design. Robin’s areas of focus in the game industry are narrative design, diversity, accessibility, and the Games for Change movement. She’s given multiple talks around the South East on the topics of Gender and Game Design, Creative Writing for Games, Storytelling for Games, and Mythological Influences on Game Storytelling, and is a past ECGC speaker. Robin has published in The Chicago Tribune, Game Career Guide, Vestal Review, Duende, and 3Elements Review, among others.

Talk Description:

Silver Developers & Gamers

Join us for a discussion on the issues of ageism in the game industry. The round-table will address topics including studio and educational institution culture, the wisdom older developers have to offer to the development process and how to build receptivity for it, designing content for silver gamers (particularly female silver gamers), and recruiting seniors for game testing, among other topics. The goal of this roundtable is to get people talking about age as a diversity issue within the industry, with particular attention paid to the experience of women, to support those who may have experienced ageism, and to celebrate the elders within game development. Participants will get a raised awareness in the benefits that older developers bring to the game creation process, as well as issues that older people face in the work place and tips on how to overcome those issues. There will also be interesting insights into designing for silver gamers.

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