Renee Nejo

Unity Game Artist and Designer/ Independent Game Developer

Renee Nejo Is an independent game developer who has worked on games like Ever Jane, Gravity Ghost, and most recently her own project Blood Quantum. Based out of Colorado, Renee is a tribal member of the Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians and an unapologetic advocate for education, video games as a tool for good, and the self determination of the Native American people. Her most recent personal project, She is also currently a volunteer mentor for at-risk youth at Thomas Jefferson High School in Denver.

Talk Description:

Empathy in Games Systems

Over the past decade, entertainment has shifted from a post modernistic cynicism to the sincere. In video games does not evade this since we are witnessing a trend embracing empathy in game play, story, and mechanics. Renee Nejo discusses the pitfalls and opportunities implementing empathy can have on game play and systems.

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