Renee Blair

Junior Game Designer for Boss Key Productions

Renee Blair is a Game Designer for Boss Key Productions and occasional independent game developer. She has previously worked as a Level Designer for Hi-Rez Studios and User Experience Designer for Great Parents Academy. In her work, she strives to understand accessibility challenges and user behavior to make better design choices, and ensure her work can be enjoyed by people who may not identify as “gamers”. She holds an M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction from the Georgia Institute of Technology and completed the Denius-Sams Gaming Academy.

Talk One Description:

Accessibility for Multiplayer Games

Everyone loves challenging gameplay, but the challenge shouldn’t start with the game’s controls. In the past few years, accessibility has been increasingly incorporated into games and researched in order to develop best practices. Developers have solid resources and examples for how to create a single player experience that nearly anyone can enjoy. However, multiplayer games offer unique limitations on what accessibility features can be incorporated. Development challenges will be discussed, including successful examples from various games, what gamers have created and asked for, and the general guidelines for accessibility.

Talk Two Description:

Successful Design Anytime, Anywhere

Life will take you interesting places. Sometimes those places include a boat in the middle of the Andaman Sea, a train heading out of Chicago, a small windowless room on a college campus, or a historical building in downtown Raleigh. In all of these locations, you’re still responsible for finishing a game and not driving yourself crazy. This talk will discuss the importance of scope, personal project goals, and actually finishing a project. Examples will include a studio setting, educational setting, and a couple of outlandish game jams.

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