Rachel Presser

Principal for Sonic Toad Media LLC

Rachel Presser is an entrepreneur from the Bronx who went from tax advisor to game developer. She runs Sonic Toad Media which is a one-woman digital media conglomerate that covers game development, business and content strategy consulting, writing for hire, and freelancer coaching. Rachel co-ran Himalaya Studios as CFO and Executive Producer for the better part of a decade before moving her focus to Sonic Toad. She is a frequent speaker on the games industry convention circuit, guest lecturer for MBA and game design programs, and Playcrafting’s resident business instructor. She is currently working on Clam Chowder Hub Run, an epic game about physics, motion, and America’s crumbling infrastructure.

When Rachel’s not hustling or making games, she can be found at punk and hardcore shows, fighting for basic income and economic justice, and communing with frogs and toads in the far reaches of the southeast Bronx.

Talk Description:

Game Developers and Change Management: Preparing for Battle

Change management isn’t just a buzzword thrown around in business management circles: it’s an actual strategy for preparing for change, and game developers, especially indies, need to start using it yesterday!

Culture and discourse, values, the perception of games, distribution and business models are all things that affect how game developers make a living. These also all drastically change and in some cases, more rapidly than ever before. It wasn’t that long ago that getting on Steam was a guaranteed meal ticket and now over 6,000 games are released there every year and this caused many indie developers to crash and burn, sadly to never make a game again. Change management skills definitely could’ve mitigated this.

It’s imperative that game developers who want to go from “hold down a job while you work on the game” to “full-time creative” learn what change management is and how to use this strategy in their daily lives whether they’re a solo developer or the producer of a AAA/III studio.

In this talk, you will learn:

-What change management is
-Why indie developers need to learn it
-*How* change management strategies can be implemented
-Coping with different types of change
-Forming and breaking out of routines
-And more!

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