The Digital Production Arts (DPA) program at Clemson University

The Digital Production Arts (DPA) program at Clemson University offers a unique blend of instruction from art, computer science, computer engineering, graphic communications, performing arts, philosophy, and psychology, together with newly designed courses targeted at production techniques specific to the animation, visual effects, and electronic games industries. The DPA program offers two graduate-level degrees: MFA and MS. The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in DPA is a professional degree program aimed at producing technically savvy, artistically talented graduates who are sought after by the growing electronic arts industry, particularly by those companies engaged in visual effects within the entertainment and commercial video, film, and gaming industries. The Master of Science (MS) in DPA program is a technical professional degree aimed at producing graduates who intend to seek employment in the software development of the electronic arts industry. Its focus includes the technical components of visual effects production for the film, electronic games, and commercial video industries. Students can choose to study in Clemson or Charleston, SC. Please refer to our website at for more information.