Porter Stowell


For the past 9 years, Porter has worked with clients in retail, finance, defense, education, sustainability, and healthcare on how to innovate their business models through the use of gameful design and serious games. Currently, Porter is the Head of Business Development & Strategy for IBM’s Serious Games & Gamification Team, leading their global effort on how organizations can leverage games to provide greater agility in an increasingly complex business environment and how game developers can infuse the power of IBM to create truly engaging enterprise-level applications. For the past 3 years, Porter has taken games into the cognitive era with IBM’s Watson technologies. He is now the chief designer for advanced cognitive engagement application built with game technologies and mechanics. Porter received his MBA from UNC Chapel Hill, has a BS from Lehigh University, and was also an Adjunct Professor at George Mason University in Business Communications. While born and raised in rural Maine, Porter grew up with the arcade! If you want to find Porter outside of the office in his home base of Durham, NC, check the mountains or wherever there is surf.

Talk Description:

Wargaming is Invading Business

“Let’s Play a Game!” The infamous quote for the 1980s classic Wargames. Wargaming has been essential part of our defense strategy since our DoD was even founded. Red team vs Blue team, out maneuvering opponents, strategy, resiliency, and more. Now the same components that go into real-life defense wargames are available for businesses to experiment with as well. Services like IoT and AI can now be represented in game engines such as Unity and Unreal. Now anyone with a laptop and internet connection can leverage the best software development tools on the planet! The need for business wargames have never been greater. With the deluge of big data that is engulfing businesses, there needs to be a way to empower non-data scientists to engage to discover insights. Imagine if you applied what Fold-it did for protein configurations to your own businesses strategy? The time is now!

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