Phaedra Boinodiris

Serious Games Lead/Serious Gaming/Gamification Global Leader, IBM

As producer of IBM’s award-winning series of serious games, Phaedra Boinodiris is responsible for IBM’s broader global serious games strategy and its gamification strategy across all major industries. Her strategies have been championed by four-star generals and she has presented her ideas at the Pentagon and to the head of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. She is on the advisory board for a number of schools with game design degree programs and tech startups. She has keynoted two NATO Summits, is co-founder of WomenGamers.Com, and continues to co-chair serious games summits internationally. Phaedra was honored by Women in Games International as one of the top 100 women in the games industry. She is the author of the book Serious Games for Business published in 2014. She happily mentors business school students at her alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Talk One Description:

21st Century Citizen Engagement

We are all living in a deluge of data, yet we have never felt more disconnected from each other. Some governments have made a concerted effort to move towards transparency by embracing open government, making many forms of government data publicly available for consumption. Yet even with such progressive programs, city, county, state, and national governments still struggle to understand the needs of their citizenry, which programs to invest in, how to track the impact of programs and how to best engage the public in general. Technology is not something to throw willy-nilly over a fence assuming that it will solve a complex social problem all by itself. That being said, well designed applications that use cognitive computing can help tap into the psyche of large populations, and can inspire reach change, real advocacy in people. Gleaning how people feel about things on a visceral level, gauging impact immediately, being able to curate custom conversations and giving people greater opportunities for participation when they unlock levels of civic engagement are just a few of the ways that technology can spur an evolution in process.

Talk Two Description:

Out-Thinking Old School: A vision on engaging the educational community

We are at a moment in history where technology, globalization, and our economy is changing so fast. Those changes offer us enormous opportunities but also are very disruptive and unsettling. Big data, analytics, technology allow us to tackle big problems in new ways. As we think about how we best prepare our students for the new workplace, we must consider methods in which we can engage students, enable teachers and harness a new culture of empowerment within schools. Join Phaedra Boinodiris, the Global Lead for Games at IBM as she tells her personal story to relay lessons learned of how we can harness Play, Cognitive Computing, and INTRApreneurship to Out-Think Old School.

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