Nina Kilbride

Head of Legal Engineering for Monax Industries, Ltd

Nina Kilbride is Head of Legal Engineering at, a software company developing ecosystem software from a toolkit of blockchain technology, smart contracts and legal processes. Before becoming a software developer, Nina spent 18 years as a commercial litigator in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Nina has a JD from Wake Forest University School of Law and a BA from Southwestern University. Her blog on smart contracts and other projects are collected at @ninakilbride

Talk Description:

Converging technologies: how games are the blockchain’s most important app

I spent eighteen years as a “janitor of commerce,” a commercial lawyer who cleaned up the messes when deals went off the happy path. I use this experience with diverse actors to design complex fintech, insurtech and legaltech ecosystems. These ecosystems work like interconnected “serious games,” including financial market infrastructure, transportation systems, IoT, education, communities and markets. Nina combines emerging technologies to create enterprise solutions. For game developers, blockchain means the ability to create iterations of their complex societies in the wet world – one example will be the evolution of Job Simulator in global commerce. Time and again, as I build to meet the needs of enterprise, I find my answer is “the game developers have already been there, what was their result?”

My talk will include a brief blockchain 101 and a discussion of what it adds to the commercial potential of game systems and game developer skills. I will give several examples of game synergy with blockchain, including court and stock exchange applications, a farmers’ prediction market game, VR retail, AR contracting and FPV drones.

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