Nick Klingensmith

MR Academy Lead Engineer for Microsoft

Nick Klingensmith is an experienced game developer and educator specializing in tool development, graphics programming, Mixed Reality, and Unity! With over 100 published games, he’s worked on small arcade games, mobile high fidelity GPU pushing titles, all the way to massive networked social games. Nick currently works for Microsoft as lead engineer for the Mixed Reality Academy team in San Francisco, and is the author of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Lighting Tools.

Talk Description:

Developing Mixed Reality games with Microsoft
From AR to VR, and then back again, Microsoft has a whole lot of tools on offer to a Mixed Reality developer! This is your one stop shop to find out how Microsoft can help you build your MR game. We’ll talk about the HoloLens 2, MR Immersive Headsets, the Mixed Reality Toolkit for Unity, Open XR, Azure Cognitive and Mixed Reality Services, and more!

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