Nathan Shumaker

Indie Developer | Analog Data

I am a indie developer who develops games from home. I’ve worked with Solanimus in the past to help develop games and mobile software. Technology is one of my greatest passions as it’s an ever changing environment and it’s always awesome and interesting to see what new technology is coming out. I also see technology as a way to help people with education, science, math, health, and, of course, entertainment.

Talk Description:

Why technology doesn’t matter

I will talk about why the tech doesn’t matter as every piece of tech is the same. It’s not about the technology you develop for, it’s about how you use the technology to the best of it’s abilities. All technology works the same, from your smart phone to your car. The only thing different is the software that is developed for that technology. I will talk about way to create a more creative development. I will also delve a little on analyzing how your audience utilizes a particular piece of technology and then use that information to create creative software.

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