Nathan Shumaker

Founder of Analog Data

I am an indie game developer who has worked with Solanimus Inc. for 3 years and I am working on my own start up called Analog Data. I am a massive retro gamer and love programming for older consoles as it’s fun and a challenge. What I really want to see is a world where everyone can enjoy games together and not be competing all the time with which console is better or which franchise is better. I just want to enjoy games.

Talk Description:

Procrastination: Friend and Foe

I will be speaking from the heart about how procrastination has somewhat helped me but also ruined me in the wake of game development and life. I will speak about my personal experiences with it and how I’ve coped with it and how you can do the same when you are in a rut. Procrastination can be very dangerous when it comes to anything in life. So let’s work together to get rid of it.

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