Michelle Menard

Designer for Oxide Games

Michelle Menard is an award wining game designer, published author (Game Development with Unity), and 10-year veteran of the industry. She has previously worked in both the mobile and AAA market, including Firaxis and Zynga, and most recently worked as a freelance consultant, partnering with other companies to provide core system design, itemization, auditing, and documentation. Once she was even invited to the White House to blabber about game design and crowd-sourcing for big data. Michelle is currently a lead designer at indie studio Oxide Games, and is also a co-founder of Fishwizard Games, a small boardgame company exploring strategy games set in the Gateway universe.

Talk Description:

The Beauty of No

Being a freelancer or a small indie studio designer doesn’t mean you should jump at every client opportunity (money!), rush to get a product to launch (money!), or continue down the path of a failing design because you’ve already sunk time and resources into it (money….). There’s a certain elegance, and freedom, to embracing the idea of “No”, both on the business side of development as well as in your own personal designs. Explore different ways to incorporate “No” into your design and business, leading to the protection of your integrity, personal branding, and end product potential.

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