Melinda Thielbar

Talk Description:

Creative Analytics for Creative Media: How to Use Numbers to Make Better Games

The word “analytics” is often associated with database queries, cookie-cutter dashboards, and one-size-fits-all monitoring software. These approaches are a good start for many game companies, but they leave a lot to be desired. Every game is unique, and often simple data analysis can reveal hidden gems of information that can guide your team to better marketing, better game play, and smoother game development. In this tutorial, students will learn how to make decisions about game data collection and analysis. Hands-on exercises will focus on measuring what you want to know and finding relationships in the resulting data.

The only pre-requisite you need for this tutorial is knowledge about games and an interest in finding out how to make your games better. Students will use point-and-click statistical analysis software called JMP for analysis of pre-collected data and information.

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