Marx Myth

Professor of Art/Design for Living Arts College

Marx Myth is a lifelong artist and learner He refers to himself as a “Cracker-barrel Surrealist with an affinity for low-brow kitsch. What does all that mean? Marx feels despite his traditional academic education, his artistic path has always been derived from his own invention.

“All creative endeavors fascinate me…but, especially phantasmagoric visions, comics with preposterously strange sensibilities, and all art or design with an out-of-kilter sense of humor!”

Although he uses multiple media (traditional and digital), Marx proclaims that his sketchbooks are his mainstay. “I have kept a series of ongoing sketchbooks for years. Each book is flavored with esoteric ideas and pre-production formulations…I indulge myself as often as possible…this obsession has kept my skills honed and my catharsis eternal.” These books have proved to be fodder for more illustrious endeavors, has helped him develop his unique brand, and has helped him prosper in a lengthy art career.

Career Lounge – Speaking Session

Promoting Yourself in the Games Arena

Gaining access into the game industry can be an arduous ordeal, especially when you have little or no job experience. What can an aspiring artist, animator, or designer do to make themselves more marketable? …more “detectable”? The idea is to create a persona…a brand that stands out…one that is distinctive…one that is unique.

Throughout his career, Marx Myth has reviewed umpteen portfolios for candidates seeking industry job positions, or through his years assisting graduates moving from an educational environment into the highly competitive art/design industries.

This lounge talk will focus on insights on how to put together competitive portfolios and help entry level or junior level artists develop a means to promote their skills.

Talk Description:

Visual Acuity in Games and Illustration

The ultimate goal for any artist is to possesses a strong design sensibility that can shrewdly direct a player through an interactive environment…it is certainly paramount for a successful game design. Using examples of illustration, animation, and interactive design Marx will guide the audience through a series of basic principles that determine “visual literacy”…or the ability to compose characters, environments, and props that entice and captivate game players.

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