Marq Singer

Software Engineer/Development Consultant | Freelance

Marq Singer, industry veteran since 1999, has had a long and varied career. He spent the late 80’s and early 90’s working in the film industry in a variety of projects and roles, ranging from general crew for TV commercials to special effects for horror films, including the minor cult-classic Killer (1989). He has worked for Red Storm Entertainment/Ubisoft, Virtus Corp (Red Storm’s parent company), Timeline Computer Entertainment, Mighty Rabit Studios/Gun Media, and most recently Hazardous Software. He’s worked as in engineer in various roles, but most recently as a physics and AI developer. At Hazardous Software, where he did AI, engine programming and changed his programmer hat on a daily basis. He has also been known by the moniker “That engineer with blue hair”, and has been known to dye his hair right before conferences so he doesn’t have to rewrite his bio. (Update: More recently he’s gone from blue to purple which as caused him to rewrite his bio and become very annoyed.)

Marq resides in rural North Carolina with his wife, a bushel of dogs, a couple of cats, WAY too many sheep, not enough goats, an ox (one being also way too many), and a pig that refuses to keep kosher.

Talk Description:

Stupid Physics Tricks

Writing a physics engine is hard. Even using a physics engine is hard. Often you want to do just one physics-y thing without the overhead of full engine, but there’s so much math involved (oh so much math).

This talk attempts to jam a lot of useful physics information into the span of an hour, with an emphasis on explanation and examples. In the first few minutes we’ll do a quick literature review and highlight a few texts that will make the process much less painful.

The speaker wishes to apologize in advance, but calculus will be mentioned (sometimes with reverence), but he’ll try his best to minimize the pain.

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