Logan Williams

Founder of Indie Wolverine

Logan Williams of Indie Wolverine is a marketing & PR specialist in the video game industry. Logan has supported over 12 games in the span of 2 and a half years and has helped his clients earn coverage from the largest gaming publications around the world. Notable games Logan has supported are GRAV, Cosmic Trip VR, Heart Forth Alicia, Polygod, Reflex Arena and more.

Talk Description:

Marketing Your Game in 2018 and Beyond

More games are being released at a higher volume than ever before on the largest PC game digital distribution platform (Steam). With the mobile market and now PC games market becoming overcrowded and overly competitive, it’s feast or famine. Marketing isn’t an option and influencer marketing is no longer low-hanging fruit.

In this talk, I will break down marketing & PR in the video game industry to simple terms and begin to expand on more creative ways we can communicate the values of our games to our target market. This includes ways to utilize guerilla marketing tactics and how to get the most out of your launch (Early Acess release, full release, major update etc..).

Attendees will leave this talk with a new basic understanding of marketing and PR in the video game industry and the added creative knowledge of how to make the most of their communication strategies.

This talk is aimed at industry newbies to professionals.

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