Kevin Lanzo

Student Pharmacist at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

Kevin Lanzo is a 3rd-year student pharmacist at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. He is currently working on integrating pharmacy practice into an interactive dialogue with a simulated patient alongside the UNC Center for Innovation in Pharmacy Simulation (CIPS). Kevin is an alumnus of Florida State University, where he studied Exercise Science. His primary interests in game design lie in simulation of the human mind, development of realistic artificial intelligence, and breaking boundaries in narrative story-telling. His future plans involve pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry, designing clinical trials on the utilization of psychedelic-assisted therapies for treatment of mood disorders and addiction.

Talk Description:

Lessons Learned in Modeling Complex Dialog for Productive Encounters
(Speaking with Ethan Burch)

The Center for Innovation in Pharmacy Simulation (CIPS) at UNC introduced its nXhuman virtual patient simulation at ECGC one year ago. nXhuman is designed for training students in the healthcare fields in conversations with a variety of patients. The simulation is constructed to portray different patient encounters and monitor the student as the student works through each encounter. A crucial component of any clinician-patient encounter is, certainly, their dialog. CIPS is using IBM’s Watson–famous for defeating Jeopardy! champions and powering chatbots–for management of the dialog. With nXhuman, CIPS is incorporating Watson’s natural language capabilities so that its virtual patient can hold conversations, and students can improve their interaction skills. In this talk the CIPS presenters will discuss how nXhuman is pushing the limits of Watson’s capability and its solutions that rely on well-established as well as inventive techniques for ensuring a natural, unscripted, complete clinician-patient conversation. Lessons learned provide a framework for anyone developing Watson-powered non-player characters or apps using similar tools.

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