Ken Turner

Assistant Professor for Wake Technical Community College

When not saving the world from alien hordes, Ken teaches at Wake Technical Community College in the Simulation and Game Development curriculum, Ken is a consummate game professional. With a career that spans almost 20 years, he has worked on over a dozen AAA titles and has credits in many titles and simulations. Within the realm of QA, Ken has worked with many developers such as Red Storm Entertainment, Ubisoft, Destineer, Atomic, High Voltage, Villain, and various branches of the Federal and State government. He has held a variety of positions within QA from contract tester up to QA Manager and has worked in a producer capacity on several simulations. Ken is known as a knowledgeable and easy-to-talk-to person who has spoken at conferences and lectures about how to get into the industry. He trains prospective QA professionals as well as provides advice and mentoring within the QA field. He also likes the color red.

First Talk Description:

QA: How to teach QA in a classroom setting

Everybody wants to “test” a game!! It is fun, right? All we do is sit around and play games all day, right?!?

QA can be taught within a classroom setting. Ken has been teaching students at Wake Tech for the past 7 years in how to become better testers. After you incorporate QA theory and standard reporting methods into the class, what else is there? How about testing, actual testing, of some games? We will talk about the change in a person’s mindset when moving from a player to a tester. We will talk about some of the common pitfalls in QA. We will also discuss how to try and take these players to the next level and become viable testers.

Second Talk Description:

Quality Assurance: QA and its role within the industry

Have you ever wondered how to get a job in the game industry? Have you ever wondered about the game development process? Well, it has been said by many that QA is the gateway into the games industry. A job in Quality Assurance not only allows you to play games, but to interested and driven people, can also land a job in other departments. QA can and will show you what each department’s job is in the game development cycle as well as give you the chance to talk to professionals in those departments. Ken Turner will describe his route into the game industry and talk about how people could go about getting jobs in QA as a stepping stone to other departments.

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