Kelly Wallick

Founder/CEO of Indie MEGABOOTH

Kelly Wallick is the founder of the Indie MEGABOOTH, a showcase that brings indies into the heart of trade shows dominated by AAA budgets and serves as support network for small teams. Annually, the Indie MEGABOOTH works with hundreds of studios across multiple industry events (i.e. GDC, PAX West/East, E3) in addition to BitSummit in Kyoto, Japan a co-organized indie convention. Kelly is also the chairperson of the Independent Games Festival, a festival dedicated to encouraging innovation and recognizing the best in independent games. In 2017, Indie MEGABOOTH announced a new stand-alone traveling event series that features local talent in different creative mediums and hosted the first two indie MEGASHOW events in Atlanta, GA and Tokyo.

Talk Description:

Best Practices for Showing Your Game to the Public

Kelly will discuss some of the challenges and pitfalls that indie developers face when showing their game to the public and will provide examples of best practices that she’s learned over the years as the Indie MEGABOOTH founder. With multiple showcases under her belt, she knows what works great for indies and can stir teams away from failing to utilize their – sometimes expensive – booth space. Not only should developers work on creating a polished and compelling demo to showcase their game but they should be thinking about the overall experience people will get when visiting their booth.

Attendees will receive advice on some of the key components on setting themselves up for a successful showing at events; this includes making plans early when it comes to onsite staff, the booth environment/set-up, printed materials, promo items or merch, online resources/press kits, and more.

Additionally, what value can developers expect to derive from the experience and what events should indie devs be targeting and focusing on. It’s not always a case of money in = money earned but there’s many soft values and relationship building that teams can take advantage of. Timing of when, where and how to spend your time and resources is important.

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