Justin Johnson

Assistant Professor of Simulation & Game Design for William Peace University

Justin Johnson has been at William Peace University (WPU) for over three years teaching in and developing the Simulation & Game Design program. He also has over 10 years of professional game development experience at AAA and indie studios. Before coming to WPU, Justin taught at Wake Tech Community College as an adjunct and full time instructor which fostered a passion for teaching and learning. Justin holds a B.S. in Art and Design, M.S. in Game Development, and various certifications in computer programming.

Talk Description:

Using Game Development Technology for Historical Research

Students in William Peace University’s Simulation and Game Design program used the Unreal Engine and HTC Vive headset to create a historical research project in VR. The project combines academic research with game play and graphics to create an interactive learning experience. Users will be able to experience Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge as it was when sailing the seas. This talk will discuss the development and research process of the project including compiling research, development challenges, reaching intended outcomes, and opportunities after the project was completed.

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