Justin Martin

Simulation Educator for UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

Justin Martin currently serves as a Simulation Educator within the University of North Carolina of Chapel Hill’s Eshelman School of Pharmacy’s Center for Innovation in Pharmacy Simulation (CIPS). In this role, he is tasked with leading, facilitating and creating simulation learning experiences using standardized patients, computer-based and virtual reality technologies. In addition to working in simulation, his interests lie in fostering inter-professional learning experiences between various medical disciplines with the intent of improving communication, optimizing patient outcomes and enhancing the quality of patient care within the pharmacy and medical professions. Beyond his experience with the Eshelman School of Pharmacy, Justin has nearly a decade of experience working in education, public and private, including positions with Interlochen Arts Academy, Corpus Christi College, Oxford University and as a Director with iD Tech’s Gaming Design and Development Academy.

Talk Description:

The UNC Virtual Patient: nXhuman

This talk will provide an overview of the work being done within the Center for Innovation in Pharmacy Simulation (CIPS) at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. Attendees will be exposed to the various initiatives being pursued within the Center and how these efforts are helping to greatly enhance the quality of education and pharmacy practice.

The CIPS team is multi-disciplinary and specializes in applying new technologies to improve teaching while supporting the learning of critical skills and clinical competencies. CIPS staff stay on the forefront of current educational technologies and teaching modalities. CIPS produces medical animations and illustrations, eBooks, bio-mathematical models of human physiology, simulations, serious games, mobile applications, interactive web content, multimedia, and video-based learning projects.

The UNC Virtual Patient project (nXhuman) is an example of this work. It is being developed using Unreal Engine 4 as a cutting-edge technology platform that will accelerate student learning and improve real-world patient care through the application of pharmacologic and therapeutic knowledge. It addresses student skills development in the areas of clinical decision making, problem-solving patient assessment/diagnosis, and implementing a treatment and monitoring plan, and repeating over time. Visual examples of this work will be shown.

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