Justin Johnson

Assistant Professor of Simulation & Game Design for William Peace University

Justin has over 10 years of experience in both education and the video game industry. He has been teaching at William Peace University since 2013. Before that, he taught part-time and full-time at Wake Tech Community College. Justin has worked as a lead environment artist at Icarus Studios for Fallen Earth, an environment artist at Ubisoft-Redstorm, and freelance artist for various AAA and indie clients. He holds multiple degrees and certificates in art, design, and programming.

Talk Description:

A guide to getting an education in game development

If you are an aspiring game developer, you are in luck. It has never been easier to learn the skills needed to break into the video game industry. Game development programs are becoming common in universities and colleges around the world. But you may be wondering how to find a good school, or, if college is even necessary.

This talk covers the topic of education for games including: the pros and cons of college, how to find a good school, and how to hack your education if school isn’t an option. Special emphasis will be placed on art and design, but the topics covered could be applicable to other areas as well. Current students, future students, educators, and professionals looking to make a career change are all welcome. It is my hope that this talk will help you make an informed decision on the first step toward a video game career!

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