Josie Brechner

Composer & Sound Designer for Visager

Visager, aka Josie Brechner, is a composer, sound designer, and music producer living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Visager has been creating music and audio experiences for games, film, dance, and interactive theater projects since 2012. As an independent musician, they have toured the US and performed internationally, combining sample-based electronic sounds with field recordings and analog instrumentation.

In video games, Visager has found a niche making unique sound worlds for games including Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King, Cursedom, Spice of Life, Twenty38, and more. Additionally, music from Visager’s three open-source Songs from an Unmade Worldalbums have been used in hundreds of projects around the world.

Talk Description:

Talking Chop: The Intertwined Histories of Sampling and Video Game Music

Audio sampling and video game music have had a long, beautiful, and diverse relationship that started before anyone reading this was born. (Unless you’re, like, 80 in which case – welcome to ECGC!) In this talk we’ll first learn about what sampling even is through live demonstrations of the ways samples are used and warped in modern music. Then we’ll talk about some of the formative works that explored and shaped sampling as we know it today, from pioneers in musique concrète, to Brian Eno and David Byrne’s My Life In the Bush of Ghosts, to hip-hop producers like Grandmaster Flash and beyond. Finally we’ll be examining some glorious and not-so glorious examples of vocal and sound sampling in early games where RAM limitations resulted in neat aesthetic workarounds, and in modern games that draw on the entire history of sampling in surprising new ways.

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