Joshua Good

Associate Software Engineer for Imangi Studios

Joshua Good is the former President and current Assistant Advisor to the Video Game Development Club (VGDC) at NC State University. Working to support aspiring student developers grow their skills and industry presence, Joshua helped expand the club’s industry outreach through strengthening relationships with local game development companies, both in the AAA and indie space. Alongside organizing developer Speaker Series, he currently assists in managing club operations, including seasonal game jams, student-developer networking, and two active VR projects. Continued partnership with NC game development has allowed Joshua to expand the club’s alumni presence, with legacies at Epic Games, Imangi Studios, Red Storm Entertainment, Bethesda Game Studios, and Boss Key Productions.

When not assisting with the club, Joshua works as an Associate Software Engineer at Imangi Studios, aiding their engineers in creating new and exciting mobile gameplay experiences.

Talk Description:

Level Up: Building Your Game Development Career from Student to Professional

The most difficult step in landing any games industry job is getting your foot in the door. For students, many of whom lack the resources that can help so immensely in this process, the path is often unclear and can be profoundly stressful with the ever-increasing number of talented, aspiring developers entering the field. Join me in exploring the evolution of the Video Game Development Club at NC State, detailing how we grew from a small club of development hobbyists into a full production organization with industry-ready alumni. You will learn about how we’ve gone about building relationships with industry professionals, balancing active development time with academic responsibilities, and marketing the talents of aspiring developers to foster industry awareness.

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