Josh Knapp

Co-Founder of The Indie Bros.

Josh Knapp is one of the co-founders of Indie Bros, LLC. He got his start in the gaming industry in 2008 while doing Community Management for, then worked for Arcen Games and Funcom before starting the Indie Bros. He’s credited in 9 shipped titles, and has helped with dozens more in varying capacities. When not working on or playing video games, he can often be found playing board games or watching baseball. Josh lives in Durham NC, with his wife, two kids, and two bearded dragons.

Talk Description:

Community Management – What it is, what it isn’t, and why it doesn’t have to be scary.

Community Management is one of those terms that sometimes means many things to many people. And the truth is, there are a lot of ways to do it. In this talk, we’ll look at several of those ways; the good ways, and the not so good ways. We’ll also discuss questions like “I’m an indie studio, do I really need to think about Community Management?” and “Can I just do the Community Management myself?”

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