Josh Fairhurst

President of Mighty Rabbit Studios

Josh Fairhurst is the head of Mighty Rabbit Studios and Limited Run Games – two successful video game companies based out of Apex, NC. As head of Mighty Rabbit Studios, Josh started the studio in 2010 and lead the development of Saturday Morning RPG, Breach & Clear, and other titles. As the CEO of Limited Run Games, Josh has worked tirelessly to publish more than 100 retail PlayStation games since 2015 including games like Firewatch, Shadow Complex, Night Trap, and more. He and his team have built the company up from an initial $10,000 investment to over $15 million in sales in just two years.

Talk Description:

What Indie Developers Can Learn From Star Wars: The Last Jedi

“The greatest teacher, failure is.”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a movie about failure. As an indie developer, you will come to know failure intimately. We can learn a lot from the lessons The Last Jedi has to teach us. In this talk you’ll learn that sometimes you need to let the past die and that ultimately, hope is born from failure. Josh Fairhurst uses his personal experiences in game development to illustrate the lessons from the movie. From the ashes of a failed game, Mighty Rabbit Studios continued to survive, spawning in the process one of the industry’s most surprising comebacks in the form of Limited Run Games.

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