Josh Fairhurst

Owner and CEO of Mighty Rabbit Studios and Limited Run Games

Josh Fairhurst is the owner and CEO of Mighty Rabbit Studios and Limited Run Games. He started Mighty Rabbit Studios in 2010 during his final semester at North Carolina State University. Somehow, despite several bumps in the road, Mighty Rabbit Studios has managed to survive for nearly seven years. In 2015, Josh broke into retail game publishing with a new company, Limited Run Games. Limited Run Games is currently the most prolific publisher on PlayStation platforms with more unique retail Vita and PS4 releases under their belt than any other publisher.

Talk Description:

Failing Upwards: Learning From And Building Upon Your Failures

As an indie developer, you’re going to fail a lot. Very few developers are successful right out of the gate. Successful games dominate the mainstream narrative and many new indie developers start with the wrong expectations – that they’re going to succeed and they’ll never fail. For most, this won’t be the case – preparation for failure is a necessity for survival. In this talk, Josh Fairhurst discusses his personal failures at Mighty Rabbit Studios and how he has used those failures to learn and grow.

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