Jonathan Daley

Co-founder, Programmer, Designer for Nacelle Games, LLC

Jonathan Daley co-founded independent game studio Nacelle Games with their wife Carrie Daley, in 2014. Since then they’ve shipped several games and apps for iOS and tvOS, as well as consulted on several VR projects. Jonathan has programmed and/or designed over 20 games and apps since 2011, using everything from the Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 3D game engines, to programming games and apps from scratch in Xcode and Visual Studio; for iOS, macOS, and Windows. They have also created several hours of professional training courses on game development in Unreal Engine 4 for Digital-Tutors (now Pluralsight), for Packt Publishing, and on their personal YouTube Channel. They can be found on Twitter @JonathanADaley.

Talk Description:

So you want to ship an AR game?

When developing their first Augmented Reality game Solitaire AR, the team at Nacelle Games learned a lot, discovered some pitfalls, and developed new processes specific to creating content and gameplay in Augmented Reality.
Using the development of Solitaire AR as a guide, the co-founder and lead programmer of Nacelle Games, Jonathan Daley, will share processes and pitfalls of developing games for Augmented Reality. The talk will cover a broad range of topics: design, UI/UX, programming, art production; and will include actionable takeaways you can use on your first AR project, regardless of what engine you are using, or what platform you are targeting.
The goal of this talk is for those attending to learn a set of best practices in design, programming, UI/UX, and art production; learn actionable takeaways for how to avoid some common pitfalls in developing AR content, and how to best harness this new medium to create amazing games!

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