John O'Neill

Technical Evangelist for Tobii Technologies

John O’Neill’s development experience spans 20 years in video games, including serious games that utilize gaming technology for non-gaming purposes, as well as traditional entertainment game development on PC, mobile, console, and VR.

He has founded multiple videogame and entertainment products companies in the past 10 years, and actively serves as advisor to companies in the core gaming industry as well as those who are exploring opportunities that the industry offers.

As a technical evangelist for Tobii AB, John helps to educate and assisting game developers all around the world with eye tracking design and integration for their PC and VR games.

Talk Description:

Empowering eyes to do more in your games, and looking cool in the process

Virtual reality has embraced the game industry, and consumers are slowly moving into the space — arguably — due to price, physical space, and hardware requirements. As a game developer in the VR world, the risk of adopting a new platform comes with challenges from the technical aspects as well as sales potential to a niche hardware market. Eye tracking hardware can provide a method of bringing VR games to the desktop space, without loss of design flexibility in control of the motion of gaming. This allows games that were previously reliant on the HMD for head motion detection to potentially serve an audience on PC. This session will be a demonstration of taking a game written in Unity that was developed for VR and add eye tracking and head tracking features to enable it to function without the need of a VR unit.

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