John Corn

XR Developer for Normal VR

John Corn is a XR designer & developer. With a background in digital design & programming, he brings an artists flair to even the simplest user interactions. Currently living in Brooklyn & formerly studying interactive design in Hong Kong, influences from these two culture hubs can be seen throughout his work. He’s created games & experiences for a variety of platforms including virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality & holographic displays. He’s currently working on building innovative XR experiences at Normal VR.

When not frantically coding or hitting the books, you can find him indulging in Toonami streams or the occasional Rocket League match.

Talk Description:

Don’t Make Me Wait: Developing for VR with a rapid production cycle

Virtual Reality is rapidly changing the way we play, watch movies & interact with each other. We’re at the birth of a new platform and there are a lot of platform specific design challenges that need to be solved before we hit our stride. Long development cycles stall innovation, & struggles to keep up with this exponentially expanding field. New VR experiences need to come out fast, embrace the current industry standards, and steer us towards better ones.

In this talk, we’ll discuss how The Take was designed, built & shipped in 8 months. We’ll go into details on the decisions that were made to ship on time. As well as the sacrifices made to ship The Take. We’ll also look decisions that were made in favor of time, but may have cost quality & sales.

Attendees will take away a high-level understanding through detailed examples, the benefits and pitfalls of a rapid production cycle. How they can apply the lessons learned to their own work. Most importantly, attendees will learn how to spot & avoid similar mistakes.

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