Jennifer Brammer Elliott, PhD, MEd

With a background in neuropsychology, visual design, education and instructional technology, Jennifer brings a unique perspective and ‘out of the box’ approach to the design of learning solutions. In her work as a CEO, researcher, administrator, and university professor she has expertise designing and studying immersive learning environments, games, and simulations, integrating emerging technologies, learning sciences and instructional design for use in university, K-12, government, and commercial learning markets.

Jennifer has studied learning within immersive participatory games and simulations and has conducted research on collaborative problem solving and complex systems understanding with games and simulations. Additionally, she has a desire to understand the emotional and cultural impact of learning technologies (i.e., empathy, cultural bias, etc.). She has designed and/or taught courses in Introduction to Global Public Health, Leadership in Global Public Health, Trans-disciplinary Collaboration: Inquiry to Innovation, STEM Education Seminar, Educational Technology, Social, Legal & Ethical Issues in Educational Technology, Game Design, Assessment in Online Learning, Learning Sciences in Online Learning, UDL in Online Learning, Museums in Education, and Attitude Formation and Change.

Talk Description:

Ya Feel Me? How Augmented and Virtual Reality Can be Used to Foster Attitude Change, Cultural Competency, and Empathy.

This session will focus on psychological constructs in immersive technologies and the science behind how and why they can be designed as tools for transforming human perspectives.

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