Jaymee Stanford

QA Lead for Epic Games

Jaymee currently works at Epic Games, Inc as the Unreal Tournament QA Lead, formerly the Paragon QA release team Test Lead, and has also dabbled in various other projects during her time with the company. She has a passion for introducing up-and-comers to the wonderful world of game development and empowering them to pursue industry careers in their chosen fields — especially QA! She is also known for making terrible puns, but more on that (game) development later.

Talk Description:

Assuring Quality through Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

What does effective leadership look like? Whether you are in a position of leadership at your current organization, or just interested in pursuing it as part of your chosen or potential career path, what you should be able to walk away from this presentation with is a better understanding of how to manage both people and process through emotionally intelligent leadership to ensure and deliver a quality product.

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