Jason Gill

Technical Animator for Unlit Games

First began working as a Technical Animator at Icarus Studios in 2008, primarily working on the MMORPG Fallen Earth. Became an Independent Contractor in 2011 working on a range of animation projects including commercials, games, a holograph projector demonstration, and a simulation ride, but mostly on medical demonstrations requiring a highly technical skill set. Began working on the upcoming VR Game Redemption’s Guild by Unlit Games in May of 2017.

Talk Description:

Technical Animation 101

Good animation follows the 12 principles of animation, but where 2D animation depends solely on the skill of the animator, 3D animation is limited by the versatility of control rigs. This talk aims to help animators step up their game with a few simple techniques to get more out of control rigs.

The showpiece of this talk is the difficult animation of a character falling face first on the ground and getting back up all the while handling a sword and shield. This talk will use a few simpler scenes to demonstrate the techniques and return to the showpiece scene to show their applications.

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