James Tiller

Gameplay Engineer for Red Storm Entertainment - A Ubisoft Studio

James is a Gameplay Engineer with 4 years of experience in the games industry. He graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Computer Engineering, and is currently finishing up his Master’s in Interactive Intelligence at Georgia Tech while working at Red Storm Entertainment on various game titles. James has previously worked at EA Sports on the Madden NFL Franchise, as well as doing Serious Games research at UNC-Chapel Hill.

James has a passion for AI, and has done research with a number of applications such as conversational agents, procedural dialogue + lipsync, and testing frameworks. His current passion is discovering new ways to use Machine Learning and AI for games. James previously spoke at ECGC 2018 on the topic of procedural dialogue and lipsync.

Talk Description:

Reinforcement Learning in Games – Creating Self-Learning Agents that can play any game!

Reinforcement Learning is an exciting new field that is revolutionizing how we make AI agents for games. Inspired by actual applications in real AAA games, this talk will explore RL from a beginner level with real world context, and show how you can get started in RL in as little as 15 minutes. By attending this talk you will learn about the theory and application of reinforcement learning in games, and see some demo applications of RL. You will leave with the ability to start creating your own RL applications.

This talk will be programming language and game engine agnostic, and will also require very little programming experience to understand. The goal of this talk is to provide an introduction to the field of RL, it’s basic principles and math, and provide inspired attendees with a beginner’s toolkit to get started. Example projects will be provided in both Python and Unity.

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