Jacob Rapoport

CEO & Founder of RumbleMonkey

Jacob Rapoport is the founder and CEO of RumbleMonkey, the world’s only player-focused, fully automated, real money esports platform. A serial entrepreneur, Jacob got his professional start as a teenager, running around the halls and writing code at Microsoft. Jacob founded RumbleMonkey to bring the thrill of real-money matches and enhanced gameplay experiences to players of every skill level.

Talk Description:

The Gameplay Benefits of Real-Money Matches

Game developers must consider the impact that real-money matches have on their games. Not only should they be thinking about how their games will exist in the thriving aftermarket tournament and esports scene, but also the implications that real-money matches have on the overall gameplay experience.

When implemented properly, real-money matches can have several knock-on effects to improve gameplay. They offer a more fun and visceral experience, improve the quality of competition, improve player retention and make the experience more welcoming by greatly reducing trolling.

Jacob and the RumbleMonkey team have experience implementing real-money matches both after game production has ended, and incorporating them as a gameplay element through their own IP. This topic would be an excellent opportunity for developers, producers and the whole gaming industry to learn from an organization with years of experience about the benefits and challenges that come with implementing real-money matches.

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